Error Handling

The NanoTrust API uses standard HTTP response codes to indicate if an API request was successful or unsuccessful.

The table below shows the most frequent HTTP error messages:

Code Meaning

Code Name Description
400 Bad Request Your request was rejected (e.g., missing mandatory field).
402 Payment required Transaction limit reached or upgrade required to proceed
401 Unauthorized Do not own resource or have an invalid API key in the header.
404 Not Found The resource that you’re trying to interact with could not be found on the server.
405 Method Not Allowed The requested method does not exist in the API spec. Please check the {did} value and ensure that it’s not empty/blank.
429 Too Many Requests You sent too many requests. Please try to reduce the number of requests.
500 Server Errors Something has gone wrong on the server. Contact us if this keeps happening.

Common errors

Code Name Error
401 Invalid token No access token was provided, please provide one in an Authorization header.
404 Profile not found